About Us


Accel North strives to provide light-filled, open concept work spaces, so people can feel inspired when they come to work or start a new business venture. We want our members to feel the support of a true collaborative community, through community and mentors who can help them succeed. We hope to foster an eco-system that supports business growth and professional development. We hope to be the start of something new in Niagara.


Here at Accel North, we don’t have singular departments. Everybody has a voice. Our team is continually brainstorming new ideas for the Accel North community and looking for creative new ways we can improve your working experience. We’re a team, and we want you to feel like you’re a part of it.


Welcome to the Niagara Regional Police headquarters! At least that’s what our building used to be. 110 James Street was originally constructed in 1974 and housed the Niagara Regional Police from 2005-2016. This 6-storey building boasts nearly 50,000 square feet of usable space in the core of downtown St. Catharines, with easy access to the highway, public transit, food and a variety of entertainment. Sounds great, right?


You should have seen it when we bought it. Kyle Tkachuk, the founder of Clickback, now operating out of the 6th floor of the building was looking for a way to provide entrepreneurs, small business owners and like-minded individuals a launch pad to start their business.


With that core goal in mind, this building was purchased with the intent to completely re-design, revamp and renovate each and every floor to create a modern, naturally light-filled, colourful and open concept space for other businesses to enjoy. Want all the details? Take a look below!

  • Amazing views of the downtown core and the garden city
  • 2nd Floor Floor-to-Ceiling windows providing excellent sources of natural light
  • Modernized and renovated main floor lobby
  • Clean updated, eco-friendly bathrooms on all floors
  • Dual fibre internet access and DSL connections
  • Secure Keyless Entry
  • Tons of natural light in all areas
  • Energy efficient 4000 Kelvin LED lighting with area motion sensors throughout the building. Goodbye Fluorescents. Hello Natural Light.
  • Building standard signage so you can find your way
  • All furnished areas use best-in-class furniture including adjustable, ergonomic chairs
  • Recently updated roof HVAC, windows and elevators and humidity control system
  • Cutting edge Building Automation System (BAS). Control your own office climate.
  • Brand new, professionally designed kitchens with new, modern appliances


Niagara is ‘the link’ between Canada’s largest metropolitan area, Toronto, 55% of the US population and 60% of Canada’s – all within one day’s drive.

We have direct access to a large and growing market of 1.86 million people within 45 km. Distribution and manufacturing operations choose Niagara Falls for its ideal border location next to New York State and its extensive multi-modal transportation network.

The recreational activities in Niagara are world renowned, with a thriving tourism sector. We’re the wine capital of Canada with over 100 wineries & a thriving micro-brewery scene, large provincial parks, multiple beaches, a vibrant music scene, and a unique and friendly culture. Niagara has all the big city amenities without any of the usual big city headaches like traffic or expensive home real estate!

Check out all that Niagara has to offer!


Accel North was created to provide an open and modern environment for companies to grow and to offer remote workers a great place to work, meet and grow outside their home with minimal overhead while having access to a wide range of services, amenities and networking opportunities in a state of the art facility, ideally located in the link between the US and Canada.

Chris Martin