Broker Referral Program

Broker Referral Program

Our Broker Referral Program provides Brokers and Agents with an offering for their clients that is truly unique and can serve as a bridge to a professional work environment for entrepreneurs and small businesses that aren’t quite ready for a large commercial space or be offered as a modern and exciting alternative to the traditional commercial office space. We want to work with you to best serve your clients and create long lasting and successful relationships.


Benefits of Accel North’s Broker Program

  • Fast commissions paid upfront within 30 days of executing a successful agreement
  • Accel North offers a variety of cowork and flexible office spaces for rent and all spaces with a variety of amenities – very easy to market
  • Clients that aren’t ready for large commercial space can start in a cowork space and grow from there
  • Entrepreneurs and small businesses are looking for smaller spaces with more amenities
  • Cowork and flexible office spaces are the new trend and we help you offer alternatives to traditional office space
  • A new and simple revenue stream

Broker Referral Incentives


Receive 10% of first year’s annual value on 1+ year agreements


Receive 2% on renewals of 1+ year agreements

0 Days

Commissions paid within 30 days of signed agreement


Receive 50% of first month’s value on month-to-month agreements

How to get started?

  • Reach out to us by filling out the Contact form linked below or call us

  • Book a tour for your client

  • If they sign up for any of our options you get paid!

  • We take care of everything else


How soon will I receive payment? Once the lease is fully executed and all payments for first months rent have been processed from the client payment will be sent by cheque to the address provided.


Can I be involved in the process with my client? Yes! You can be involved in any capacity you prefer. We welcome you to tour with the client and maintain open communication between Accel North and your Client, or if you would like us to take care of the process entirely ourselves we can do that as well! You will be notified of updates in the relationship and of any successful signings.


Will I be compensated if my client upgrades to a larger office or suite? Yes, all upgrades within the building for Broker referrals will result in a top up commission payment to you up to the applicable commission based on the commission rates and type of agreement signed.

Chris Martin