What we’re doing to keep our members safe!

May 19, 2020

The coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis is putting huge pressure on most businesses as Canada, like most countries has struggled to contain the virus and flatten the curve. With that said, the Ontario government has begun to allow certain businesses to re-open as we make our way to the new ‘normal’. Running a coworking and flexible workspace today is harder than ever! As an organization founded upon the principles of helping support small businesses as they grow, we feel your pain. 

The entire team at Accel North is here to help support small businesses, entrepreneurs and remote workers by providing a safe, productive and distraction-free environment to work! The health and safety of our members and employees are truly important for us. In order to effectively support our membership, as well as provide a safe, isolated workspace for people as they get back to work in these new times, we’ve undertaken the following measures below to modify our space and operations!

1. Additional Precautionary Measures

    • Our building is equipped with a fob access security system and the building and each floor has been locked down to fob access only, in order to ensure our members are entering a safe and isolated space and are aware that everyone else entering the building is following the same precautions.
    • Our product offerings have been modified to ensure each of our workspaces adhere to the social distancing guidelines, both between our desk spaces, and between each space and common area walk-throughs, or shared amenities. We have also created a brand new option for remote workers to work in a safe, distraction-free environment that is exclusively theirs! You can read more about it here.
    • We’ve limited the usage and capacities of our shared amenities such as our kitchens, bathrooms and smaller meeting spaces. Only one member may enter at any given time and must follow the strict safety guidelines we have posted in each of these areas.
    • Our event space on the 4th floor has been redesigned to allow for meetings of 5 or fewer people while allowing for proper and increased social distancing.
    • While our kitchen appliances are available for use, we have asked that all of our members bring their own cutlery/utensils and dishware in and have cleaned and removed it once they have finished their meal.
    • We are disinfecting our entire building multiple times per day. Our comprehensive cleaning and disinfectant procedures are not limited to surface areas or high-traffic environments. We are doing a full clean inclusive of any areas that people may come into physical contact with during their work day. This includes all doorknobs & handles, elevator buttons, Keyscan security equipment, any appliances, faucets, toilets, light switches, windows, and more.
    • We have posted safe best practices guidelines throughout the building at key locations such as our kitchen, bathrooms & elevators. 
    • Additional disinfectant supplied to our members.
    • Government approved hand sanitizer and disinfectant is available to our members on each of our floors, as well as at the building entrance & our primary reception desk.
    • We have provided our membership group with access to additional disinfectant wipes so they may ensure their workspaces & common areas remain clean and safe.

2. We pre-screen everyone & ask our members to work from home when needed

    • When someone new is entering the building, they must pass the pre-screen questionnaire provided to them in advance.
    • If a member is ill, we ask that they work from home or we will be asking them to leave and work remotely during the 14-day isolation and we also provide links and information to local and provincial health resources

3. We continue to monitor official government channels

    • We’re constantly looking to keep ourselves apprised of best practices updates and guidelines.
    • We’re monitoring the implementation of support programs by multiple levels of government that will allow us to support our members who are experiencing a slow-down in business or an extended need to work remotely.

The entire team at Accel North is here to support our members and provide a space for remote workers, small businesses and entrepreneurs to continue to be productive in a safe, distraction-free environment. Please, get in touch with us at hello@accelnorth.com if you have any questions, we’re here to help!

Chris Martin