Working Remotely? We’ve got you covered!

May 19, 2020

The business world is undergoing a change. While physical business practices have had to be modified, the digital business world, and more specifically the world of remote work is busier and more vibrant than ever before. There is a major spike in demand for remote work support infrastructure, an area we are very familiar with. At Accel North, one of our founding goals has been to support organizations who have remote workers, and allow them to expand their hiring processes to be able to hire top talent from outside their physical location. With the recent changes in the business landscape due to COVID-19, we’ve seen that interest increase within our own membership group, and across the province.

Did you know that in 2019, over 85% of people reported an increase in productivity when working remotely? That’s a promising number to have in mind when evaluating how you can adjust your business operations to support your remote employees. But how can you ensure your employees are going to be successful working remotely? You need to set them up for success, in a productive & safe environment so that they can ensure they’re a part of that 85%, not the 15% who are overwhelmed by the challenges that can come with working remotely. While there are many challenges that can arise when working remotely, we’d like to highlight a few of the major ones that may be impacting your employees’ productivity.


They may not have the proper equipment or setting at home to work effectively.

    a. Poor seating & desk options, or a lack of natural light and vitamin D can make for an uncomfortable work environment, leading to lower productivity
    b. Inconsistent internet or increased bandwidth usage due to their family members being stuck at home can make it difficult to work as efficiently as they would in their regular work environment
    c. Possible lack of proper equipment such as a laptop/desktop or printer/scanner.


DISTRACTIONS! – Not everyone has a proper home “office”

    a. With more people having to stay at home, even if you may have been successfully working from home before, there are additional distractions from family members.
    b. You get things like this: “I should really throw a load of laundry on, and do the dishes before I get back to work” and all of a sudden the day is half-gone.
    c. Pets! They don’t know you’re working and they don’t care.

Work Culture Loss

    a. It’s very easy to lose your motivation when you’re isolated at home and not being able to talk with your coworkers or other people
    b. It’s easier to “get comfortable” working from home when they don’t get to physically see the growth happening in their company or they don’t see opportunities available.
    c. It’s far too easy to lose sight of the reminders for why they should take on extra challenges or work harder.

Loss of Work/Life Balance

    a. It can be difficult for people to stop thinking about work once they’re supposed to be finished for the day since it is still there at home with them. This can lead to an initial boost in productivity but can ultimately lead to burnout.
    b. Can be difficult to have a proper “break” to step away from work, while still staying in a productive mood. Taking a break at an office to grab a coffee can be very different from taking a break at your house to make a coffee and throw on the next episode of Ozark. That one episode all of a sudden turns into 3.


So, how can you help address these challenges and set your remote workers up for success?
That’s where we come in!

Our Semi-Private Offices offer all of the amenities you or your employees need to be productive in a proper, distraction-free and safe work environment following government approved COVID-19 response guidelines.

You can conduct your business operations knowing that your employees have the best environment possible to continue to be productive, avoid the loss of a proper work-life balance, and maintain a semblance of office community, while continuing to work in a safe, isolated workspace.

So, what do our Semi-Private Offices include? Check out the all-inclusive amenities below:

  • 64 Sq.ft. of dedicated, exclusive workspace on our large open concept floor, a fully furnished workstation.
  • 7-way Ergonomic Adjustable Chair – there’s a comfortable setting for everyone.
  • 24X60 desk with locking wheels – Can support multi-monitor setups
  • 1 personal lockable storage pedestal
  • Battery backed up power station for multiple devices including USB
  • Free High-Speed Wi-Fi
  • Fiber Speed Bandwidth – Commercial grade
  • Unlimited Data
  • Free & Unlimited coffee, tea & filtered water
  • 8 hours per Month of boardroom & meeting space time
  • Perfect for virtual presentations or private conference calls
  • Free Company Signage – Let people know who you are!
  • Printing Included
  • Laptop rents are available upon request

Our Semi-Private Offices are located on the 2nd floor of Accel North, with floor-to-ceiling windows providing lots of natural light, and a proper work environment to ensure your employees are able to maintain productivity and keep their work life separate from their private life, while working alongside like-minded, focused individuals in their own spaces. All of our members have access to Accel North 24/7 through a state-of-the-art keyless entry system.

To learn more, contact us at 289-974-6947 or at, or check out our space options here!

Chris Martin