Project Remote Worker


We get it. Working remotely can be a scary thought. It’s isolating, you have to rely on your employees to manage their own schedule and priorities and it can be easy to doubt whether you’re doing things right, or if perhaps there’s a better way to be productive and support your employees.


Remote work is about setting your team free to be the best it can be, wherever that might be. But how to know where to start? We’re here to help!


With Project Remote Worker, we’ve made a pledge to support the talent of workers in Niagara and surrounding regions, and help provide a solution to businesses operating around the world who want to ensure they’re not limiting their talent pools.


Want to get started on establishing a Remote Work process today? Check out some of our resources below!


Get your Team Started Today. Here’s how!

Environment is Key!

Semi-Private Offices!

Sometimes, we all need something to call our own. Complete with a storage unit and nesting desk, your team can take advantage of their own semi-private office space, exclusively for their use. If you want a personalized work space your remote workers can call home, this is the option for you.

Semi-Private Office Memberships starting at $350 per month!

Chris Martin